Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Energy Flows where Attention Goes

Positive thoughts strengthen, and negative thoughts weaken you.

Here’s a simple demonstration that proves it.

Hold your arm straight out to your side.

Have someone else attempt to press your arm down while you resist while you try to hold your arm in place.

First, think of yourself eating and enjoying your favourite food. Notice the strength of your arm in resisting the press down.

Next, think of the time when a meal made you sick or nauseous. Notice how much weaker you are than when you were thinking happy thoughts.

Examples of thoughts that weaken us are regret, shame, guilt, self doubt, apathy, and fear. Examples of thoughts that strengthen are love, joy, trust, confidence, gratitude, generosity, and acceptance.

Be aware of the thoughts in your mind as they determine your relative state of weakness or strength in dealing with the task at hand.

Pick and put on your thoughts like you pick and put on your clothes to be at your best.

Cast off negative thoughts that weaken you. Select and put on thoughts that uplift your spirit and help you raise to the occasion.

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