Monday, October 17, 2011

Visualize your Breathing Rhythm

When breathing with the diaphragm, use visualization to regulate your breathing.

I visualize waves coming in onto the beach and going back out to the sea.

When I breathe in – taking in air through my nose while gently expanding my belly – I visualize a wave coming ashore. I let the wave come all the way in ashore as I draw in my breath.

When I breathe out – releasing air through my nose while gently pulling in my belly – I visualize a wave retreating back into the ocean. I let the wave go all the way out to sea as I release my breath.

I find this visualization helpful in getting the rhythm of breathing with the diaphragm because:

·        The serene imagery of waves gently tip toeing ashore and retreating has a calming effect on me

·        The imagery of waves allows me to follow the natural rhythm of a wave arriving and receding on a beach as I breathe – this feels more natural than regulating my breathing by counting the seconds as I inhale and exhale

·        As waves have its own powerful, stately rhythm, my breathing rate slows down to be in synch with its rhythm.

Waves imagery works for me. Some other visualization may work better for you. Use what makes you feel most natural and comfortable.

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